Jindrich Rholik
Napoleon Games Founder

I had the chance to sit down with Jindrich Rholik from Napoleon Games with the latest news of the upcoming gaming they are making Mutant. Napoleon Games has other released titles and this will be the latest one. Enjoy the interview and thanks for visiting BlueWolf72

BlueWolf72: First, can you give our readers who might not be familiar with your work some background on your previous work?

Jindrich Rohlik: I have started the Napoleon games company in 1994 within last year of my study at high school, so most of company existence coincides with my study at the Czech technical university. We were concerning on PC games development from the very first day and with exception of some outsourcing work (more or less related to computer games industry) we keep doing our own original games to these days. After my graduation four years ago I found the computer games were established as serious business already, so I just keep my company running. Personally, I have also experiences as a computer games magazine journalist and I was also working in TV on computer games show as scriptwriter and performer.

BlueWolf72: How did the idea come about to work on Mutant?

Jindrich Rohlik: I know exactly when an idea of Mutant came to my mind. It was in one of the most sunny summer days and I was just sitting at the riverbank. No seriously! It is exactly how it was :-) I have been trying to collect ideas for my next game. When I felt I have enough interesting ideas, which had no relation to each other in some cases, I had separated them into three different game concepts. I had submitted all three concepts to my coworkers and let them to choose. And it was just the Mutant concept what was finally chosen. If I try to track down main inspiration sources I have to name Lobo comics, books of Arcady and Boris Strugatsky (Russian sci-fi writers) and books of Kulhanek (Czech sci-fi writer).

BlueWolf72: What exactly will you be doing with the Mutant team for the game?

Jindrich Rohlik: Game designer, producer and programmer. It is common curse of small companies :-)

BlueWolf72: Why did you give the title of the game "Mutant"?

Jindrich Rohlik: Because it is simple, because it need not to be translated into different languages and because it express what exactly the main hero is.

BlueWolf72: Will the main character have mutant powers?

Jindrich Rohlik: Definitely! He has four hands. He is able to holds different guns and fires at different targets at once. He is able to do telekinesis. He can controls time and more.

BlueWolf72: Why third person for Mutant?

Jindrich Rohlik: Because it is only game camera I know where direct control of four hands can work.

BlueWolf72: Any other projects finished from Napoleon Games?

Jindrich Rohlik: Colony 28 was our debut back in 1996. It was 2d arcade-adventure game. Two years later, our second game “The Gates of Skeldal” was published and it became one of most successful games here in Czech Republic. However, we didn’t found publisher outside the country. The game was classic “square based” fantasy RPG style. One unique feature was dominated to the game concept. Up to six heroes could be divided into separate groups and each this group could be placed on different square. This feature was used in combats as well as for logical tasks solution. Our last game, The Fifth Disciple, was published in 2002 and it was crossover between point-and-click adventure and RPG with turn-based combats.

BlueWolf72: Are you a gamer yourself and if so what games are your favorites?

Jindrich Rohlik: Black & White, Half life 2, Diablo 2, Max Payne, Full Throttle, Day of Defeat for example.

BlueWolf72: Any advice for teams or people to develop games like yourself?

Jindrich Rohlik: Don’t do it! :-) No, seriously. Do it and make your games innovative. It is the only way to compete with the giants.

BlueWolf72: Finally is there anything else you wish to say about your upcoming work on Mutant?

Jindrich Rohlik: Yes, try to find a philosophical dimension in the game. It does not matter, if you fail, there are still enough enemies for each hand.

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