Return to Mana
Legacy of the Eight Elements

BlueWolf72: First how did   Return to Mana   come to be formed? How did the idea for   Return to Mana  come about?

Return to Mana: I finished my previous mod and needed a short period of time to find out wether or not making games should still be a part of my future life - I answered this question with yes, turned my head into asking what game I could start untill I sat with my friends and we said, hey why not make a game like (you know what I mean, I just cant name it here copyright wise). Thats how things got roling.

BlueWolf72: What can you tell us about the back story for  Return to Mana?

Return to Mana: Cut that question, otherwise have a look here :)

BlueWolf72: What kinds of vehicles/weapons will be available in  Return to Mana ?

Return to Mana: Return to Mana wont feature any "vehicles". You will be able to fly a dragon like transportation system that will help you journey through the world. But its not in a sense a vehicle for gameplay porpuse more an exchange for walking. Rtm will have one weapon and one special ability for each of the 3 characters that you can freely switch through. The weapons include : Sword, Knife, Staff, Bow, Shield, Magic. But the general deal should be to play the characters because of their own fighting style instead of because you want another weapon. We wanted to focus on real weapons instead of having swordA, swordB, swordC and so on, so few weapons but big differences between them.

BlueWolf72: During play will players be able to upgrade and customize in anyway and if so what options will be available?

Return to Mana: Return to Mana is an Rpg, you will get experience points, you will earn money, you will buy eqipment, you will equip equipment and you will save on savepoints.

BlueWolf72: What can you tell us about the single player campaign in   Return to Mana?

Return to Mana: Well I should tell you about the Singleplayer campagin, well guess what there wont be a multiplayer campagin. Return to Mana is a purely singleplayer mod that CAN be played Online and in Lan cooperative WITH each other. The whole game can be played alone or with friends.

BlueWolf72: How will the combat system itself be handled in the game?

Return to Mana: The combat system will be melee combat (third person), learning combos -> resulting in finish moves. Secondary using 2 types of magic: Aimed magic (think of throwing a fireball) and surround magic (eg. freezing everything around you).

BlueWolf72: What multiplayer options and other unique gameplay aspects will   Return to Mana   have?

Return to Mana: Return to Mana will be the only Multiplayer Rpg in the last years that you play WITH your friends. Yes you heard me WITH them. No Diablo2 who got the item first, nothing like that, 3 players pure teamplay. No need to mention that its one of the very very very very few rpgs announced on modding game basis.

BlueWolf72: Why Half-Life2 for  Return to Mana?

Return to Mana: Half-Life2 was back when the project was founded the newest engine, I had experience in Half-Life1 from my back game, and its perfect for midsize environments. I don't want a farcry island but I also want more space than a 10 inch room in Doom3 - that's why Half-Life2.

BlueWolf72: What is the current status of the mod's progress and when will it be released?

Return to Mana: The status can be described as internal alpha released, if you want a percentage lets say 10%. We aim for 2008 (Jesus oh my gosh they are freaks - we know) as a possible release date.

BlueWolf72: What mod's do you play?

Return to Mana: I used to play ActionHL and loved it, played some DesertCombat and obviously Counterstrike like we all did. But have very little time for gaming in general lately. Hope I could be of assistance and greetings to all Hl2 lovers out there. We love Valve and we hate Epic.

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