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1. Why did you create a site like moddb.com? What was the inspiration?

It's actually a long story and well no one likes long stories so to cut it short, back in 2000 or so I got into a mod called WiE (War in Europe).

A cracker of a game, simple concept, you upgrade ranks the more kills you get. Anyhow at this point I got heavily involved in the mod scene, helped a few out, made a few websites and decided, DAMN is it hard to find released mods.

Hence Mod DB was born through my impatient attidute and unwillingness to dig through 30 news sites only to discover none of the mods I find are released!

2. Who helped you create a site design and colors when you first launched?

Mod DB's root are shamefully rather amerturish. Essentially I designed / coded everything, however every step of the way I made small prototypes and sought feedback from fellow modders / school friends.

Nothing beats blatent critism from true mates!

3. Have you achieved what you set out to with moddb.com?

Largely yes, the Mod DBs original goal was to promote mods whilst making them easier to find and I believe it does this well. (it is only going to get better) However I am now shifting the focus more towards the development side and am going to try and incorporate some Sourceforge type features into the site to help out the mod teams.

4. How many users do you have?

Not enough, but the site is growing at 120% annually and I believe v3 will only see our registration / visitor numbers triple. Game companies are certainly aware of the beneficial impact good exposure on Mod DB has for their games, so continued growth is fortunately inevitable :)

5. Anymore changes on the way?

Plenty, but sadly most are top-damn secret :) v3 brings with it a slew of new features which are bound to keep the visitors busy for a while!

6. What is your favorite feature?

Of the new v3 features it has to be tabbed profiles. Information is so much better organised now... its just nice and clean :D

Of the existing features.. well I like the little shortcuts no one knows about like the http://findmod.moddb.com/MOD+NAME+HERE feature which finds mods quick'n'easy for you.

7. Anything exciting happening on moddb.com before the end of the year?

Yep, MOD OF THE YEAR contest... it'll be launching with v3 so get ready to get voting :)

8. Any other sites you have open to this size on the internet?

None, but there are roughly sketched up plans to introduce a few more sites. It really comes down to time, and at present with so many major changes about to burst out of the pipeline, to make another site would just be madness! On that note, if you have ideas of a site you'd like to see I'm all ears (scott AT moddb DOT com) is my email.

9. Would you do it all over again?

Who wouldn't?

10. Closing statments:

Thanks for the chance to talk about the site Aaron, love the opportunity to blow up my ego :P Apologies for the bad english / grammar.. like I said time is tight!

Be sure to check out Mod DB http://www.moddb.com in a few days when v3 launches!

Back to work...

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