Poke 646 Vendetta

January 15th, 2007

So I’ve never really followed that many mods even though I’m in love with them, let alone finish them. But from the few I have Half-Life1 single player mods, They Hunger, Expansion packs, map packs, are always the best. Usually extending off of the Black Mesa story and recreating the horrible incident from some other poor sap’s eyes like a janitor or something. And well, yet again I found myself booting up an expansion of a mod I never tried before, Poke 646. From what I hear the original was great but since Vendetta just came out I figured I’d try it out in hopes it’d be better than the original, and I was impressed.

I Poke646 Vendetta you play as a scientist, stranded in Xen with one of these teleporters. Your main mission is to eventually get back at those who left you for dead and survive. Throughout the beginning you’re on an interesting space shuttle like structure, with beautiful scenery and some very nice puzzles ( jumping on these laser shooters around the reactor comes to mind ) and eventually make it to a teleporter to get back to Earth. Along the way you battle some remodeled Grunts and aliens. You get some kind of mp5, an interesting looking crossbow, and a pipe there. The models themselves aren’t superb, but the crisp realistic animations, especially of the new crossbow reloading more than make up for it. You finally find the teleporter and get back to Earth and of course, all hell has broken loose down there and you have to battle your way through your base of some sorts to take your revenge.

Theres plenty of gameplay here, and theres some where I had to take a second to scratch my head and think how to approach the situation. However at an agonizingly short hour length it wont last long. The game comes complete with an endboss, and a satisfying end cut scene ( or at least I thought it was satisfying ). So give it a shot!


Left 4 Dead Preview on CVG

January 14th, 2007

Finally! A preview complete with grotesque screen shots of the upcoming Valve/Turtle Rock title Left 4 Dead has been published at CVG.com.

Looks like HalfLife2 will have some solid competition?

Less Taste More Filling?

January 12th, 2007

So after scouring the internets for several minutes to fight off the boredom that is my life I came across an interesting article with enough kick to set my mind back in place (at least for a second). And this is all about, you guessed it, EGGS.

Eggs being paramount to breakfast meals everywhere who would’ve guessed it was considered one of the smartest foods in the world to eat. Chalk full of protein with little to no calories or carbohydrates. In between my game development binges and woeful bickering I could even find the time to stuff a few of these liquefied unborn poultry gibblets into my mouth. And have the wallet to do it too! At a very low price I’ve been in possession of eggs for some time now, and never really gave it a second thought. But from a game development standpoint many developers, and even gamers face the black death known as laziness. And believe me, laziness isn’t only prevalent in the gaming world. That extends to what they eat, where they sleep, who they talk to, and what kind of exercise they get (and if I were to convert all of those possibilities to numeral value it’d all add up to zero). So why not consider eggs? Its healthy, its quick, you can shove meat and other things you wouldn’t dream of eating on their own into it and call it an “omelette”. And the thought of eating unborn babies just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Hello My Fellow WooF’s

January 10th, 2007

Just wanted to point out that BlueWolf72 Network is back and the new changes are almost done.  Thanks to my pal Threeboy for all the help and making the new fresh BlueWolf72.com back on the web.

More WooFing stuff coming and make sure you visit as I will be giving away many things in 07!