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Gaming sales finally competing with music sales
Posted on: 09:28:33 AM on June 29, 2007
By: BlueWolf72

I was always confident that the gaming industry would eventually sky rocket to its current level of global popularity, but even I was surprised when it surpassed the movie industry so quickly a few years ago. For a market that's only been around for a few decades to overcome an entertainment industry that's almost a century old is still hard to believe. The next obstacle on the way to world domination seems to be the music industry, and according to new sales research, our industry should have bragging rights by 2011 at the very latest. The report expects the continued rise of mobile games and in-game advertising to be some of the larger sales factors, as well as the growing appeal of MMOs and other online games. Even without factoring in hardware sales, PwC predicts that the game market will rise to $48.9 billion in 2011, with $18.8 of the total coming from Asia.
Gamers have been used to reading good news about their industry as a whole, but do you expect to see a decline any time in the next decade? With the launch of the new consoles not far behind us, I can see sales rising consistently for several years to come, although it will definitely be hard to keep up such an impressive pace in the entertainment industry.
[Via 1UP, thanks to ShadowXOR for the picture!]
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HGS 07: Head honchos of LucasArts and EA talk game movies and Wii lightsabers
Posted on: 09:28:33 AM on June 29, 2007
By: BlueWolf72

This session of the event is pretty technical, so here's a trailer of LucasArt's Fracture to keep you entertained while you listen. The talk of a lightsaber experience on the Wii, the possibilities of a Fracture feature film, and how Jim Ward thinks Indiana Jones could pwn Lara Croft (yeah right, bewbs > wrinkles) are the highlights of this portion of the summit, but it's especially interesting to note that almost exactly a year ago, Jim Ward had some nasty things to say about EA (and, indirectly, Neil Young):
"There's an attitude in this industry that says in order to make a great game, it takes whatever time it takes and it takes whatever money it takes, and that that's okay. Well it's not okay -- it's wrong. It's not okay in other entertainment businesses. In other businesses it's big trouble. When you have EA failing to bring Superman out with the movie, that's inexcusable. Moving games like Medal of Honor and Godfather out of the fourth quarter -- that's the old way of thinking and you can't do that any more."
Although EA isn't exactly the kind of company that deserves a pat on the back for upholding the quality over quantity of their games the way that a company like Blizzard does, LucasArts has had an especially atrocious track record over the years. I think it's pretty easy now to see why...
Hit the jump to get your learn on.

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HGS 07: Clive Barker on fat people, Jericho, and videogames as escapism
Posted on: 09:28:33 AM on June 29, 2007
By: BlueWolf72

Clive Barker is sort of a love him or hate him type of guy. For instance, I love his books, hate his movies. And by "his" movies, I of course mean the Hollywood bastardization of his works. But listening to this man speak was interesting, highly entertaining, and surprisingly empowering as a gamer. It was a truly amazing privlege to have him spill his thoughts on the industry and the future potential of gaming. Hit the jump for the complete Clive Barker interview from the Hollywood and Games Summit and some details on his upcoming next-gen project, Jericho. Honestly, if you listen to nothing else from the entire event, listen to this.

digg_url = 'http://www.destructoid.com/hgs-07-clive-barker-on-fat-people-jericho-and-videogames-as-escapism-33914.phtml';
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Xbox 360 vs. Vista ... Fight! Universe at War to feature cross-platform play
Posted on: 09:28:33 AM on June 29, 2007
By: BlueWolf72

Sega has announced today that their upcoming real-time strategy title, Universe at War: Earth Assault, will support Games for Windows Live. This is a bold move for Sega, making them the first in a sea of skeptical third-party publishers to support Games for Windows Live. The game, which will also be released on the Xbox 360, will support cross-platform play as well.
For the Xbox 360, game's devleoper, Petroglyph (Star Wars: Empire at War), will be building a control scheme from the ground up. The ease of use of this control scheme could make or break the title; as steamlined as the controls in the 360 versions of Command and Conquer 3 and Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II were, many still feel the RTS genre is best played with a keyboard and mouse.
It looks like we'll get a chance to find out early next year, when mouth-breathing computer nerds take on frat-boys over Xbox Live. Universe at War: Earth Assault is scheduled to his PCs in Winter 2007, with the Xbox 360 version following in Q1 2008.
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New Resistance maps hit PSN, the Chimera count your money and laugh
Posted on: 09:28:33 AM on June 29, 2007
By: BlueWolf72

Insomniac has finally finally dropped the promised new maps for Resistance: Fall of Man. This is great news for fans of the game, most of which still play the game religiously (insert joke about how they have nothing else to play here).
"Map Pack 1" contains two maps: the chilly, snow drenched Westmoreland, England, and Camborne, England, which features both above ground and underground areas. Both maps will support all game types.
Today is a happy day for owners of Resistance who are looking for something new (myself included), but here's the fun part -- the two maps will cost you $7.99. That's a steal at less than $4 per map! That's a reasonable price, right?
You might recall Xbox 360 owners s**ting a collective brick when four Gears of War maps were offered at 800 MS Points (the equivalent of $10). Just browsing various message boards, it's interesting to see that PlayStation 3 owners find these prices a bit easier to swallow than the angry and vocal 360 owners. I mean, we are talking about the same people who spent $599.99 to watch Talladega Nights.
Oh, relax ... I'm just kidding!
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PS3 owners, dig out your USB cables; firmware 1.82 hits
Posted on: 05:14:13 PM on June 28, 2007
By: BlueWolf72

The PlayStation 3 firmware revision that Sony's Eric Lempel mentioned a few days ago in Sony's official blog is finally live and available for download.
The update, version 1.82, enables playback of AVC High Profile (H.264/MPEG-4) files, . If this means absolutely nothing to you, you're not alone. Don't worry your pretty little head over it. If you do know what I'm talking about, then there's certainly on reason for me to explain this to you, now is there?

Whether you want it or not, the firmware update will be necessary, so go find your USB cable and set aside five to ten minutes of your time.
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Blue Dragon gets a US release date: 360 owners tent their pants (updated)
Posted on: 05:14:13 PM on June 28, 2007
By: BlueWolf72

The intolerable hunger that 360 owners suffer for solid Japanese content on their consoles is to be satiated by the end of the summer, for the highly anticipated RPG, Blue Dragon, has been announced as an August 28th release. We here at Destructoid have been covering the game quite extensively and I for one am most excited that we now have a solid release date for what looks to be everything that Enchanted Arms wasn't -- in other words, good.
Honestly, I can't wait and nor should you. A solid RPG experience is exactly what the old 'Shooterbox' needs right now to help give the machine more variety than just explosions and Viva Pinata. Between this and Bioshock, 360 gamers should have plenty to do as the summer draws to a close.
[Update: According to ThatXbox360blog.com, the release date for Blue Dragon in Europe has been set, and those in the PAL territories (like, I don't know ... ME) will be delighted to learn that we're getting four days of playtime ahead of our US cousins. That's right, August 24th is the official European release date for we on the inferior side of the pond. Swanky!]
[Thanks to Joe 'how many tips have to die?' Burling]
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New Devil May Cry 4 gameplay trailer: Nero's Rage
Posted on: 05:14:13 PM on June 28, 2007
By: BlueWolf72

Courtesy of Gametrailers.com comes Capcom's latest trailer for Devil May Cry 4, entitled "Nero's Rage." This is not to be confused with "Niero's Rage," a wrath which usually ends in bloodshed and a late-night site redesign that breaks everything in the community blogs.The game is looking great, as expected, but the "been there, done that" factor is definitely amped up to 11. Not to say that's a bad thing, necessarily -- Devil May Cry 3 is considered by some to be one of the best third-person action games on the PlayStation 2.
You know that ice Cerberus on the third stage in Devil May Cry 3? I just beat him three days ago. I purchased the game at launch. To put it into perspective, it took me two years to finish three stages. Needless to say, Devil May Cry 4 both scares and excites me.
Now if you'll excuse me, I think EB Games are taking pre-orders for Catz 2007 on the Wii.
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Posted on: 05:14:13 PM on June 28, 2007
By: BlueWolf72

Slate just pubbed a piece about the whole "serious games" phenomenon. If you haven't heard, the serious gaming concept refers to games whose primary purpose isn't fun.
A game that isn't fun? Good luck with that.
Seriously, though, a lot of different groups -- philanthropists, business dudes, educators and academics, for example -- see a lot of potential in the idea of using games to effectively educate audiences about SERIOUS ISSUES, communicate ideas, and promote action.
As the Slate piece highlights, though, there're some issues with the concept; hit the jump to read more.
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Lightsaber action coming to the Wii?
Posted on: 05:14:13 PM on June 28, 2007
By: BlueWolf72

Ever since the gaming community first laid eyes on Nintendo's Wiimote, Star Wars geeks from around the world have been chomping at the bit to get their sweaty hands on a game that lets them truly experience the thrill of lightsaber battle. Well if we're not reading too much into what Jim Ward of LucasArts recently said at the Hollywood & Games Summit panel in Los Angeles, such a game prototype exists -- and is being enjoyed by the Lucasart's crew.
"Internally we have already played a lightsaber game on the Wii. It&rsquo;s a lot of fun, and we&rsquo;ll get there."
The reason for the caution centers on the news of LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga coming to the Wii sometime this year. Since it will also use the Wiimote, we have no conclusive proof that this isn't what Jim Ward was referring to when he made the comment. We can only hope that the guys at LucasArts have something big to announce at E3 regarding the Wii/Star Wars connection. I'm sure they are keenly aware that gamers are more eager to hear about a Force Unleashed type game, as opposed to a LEGO Star Wars compilation with motion-sensing controls strapped on. For the love of God, George Lucas, we must have such a game.
[Via Gamasutra and BlindsideDork]
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