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Insurgency Update
Posted on: 03:10:12 PM on August 20, 2007
By: BlueWolf72

Community Manager
First of all, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Root and I'm the new Community Manager. My responsibility as community manager is to be a communication bridge between the community and the team. I've previously been an officer and admin in a very large online gaming community (~10,000 members and over half a million posts) for two and a half years, so I've got quite a bit of experience with this sort of thing. I definitely fall under the heading of hardcore gamer, but only the team-based tactical stuff (deathmatch is for gurls). I've also got years of RL experience that fit nicely with my role here as Community Manager. I currently run a newish gaming community for grown-ups so you can all line up to take shots at me on the insmod server I run.

Bribes should take the form of cookies, mead and / or wenches, rudeness won't get you anywhere with me and all the contact info you could possibly need is in my forum profile.

Patch News
We're working hard on a patch that is going to be released as soon as possible, with the next update to follow. We don't know if it's going to be 1.2 or something else yet, but here is what it's currently looking like:
  • Added Overhead Map feature
  • Added Commander Promotion feature (commander is no longer a class, but instead is an earned responsibility)
  • New Team/Squad Selection Menu with player customization and weapon selection
  • Improved linux server support
  • Reduction of client-side crashes
  • Team autobalance
  • Measures against TK'ing and spawn camping
  • Objective capture requirements and times tweaked due to popular demand
  • Improved navigation (people should know where to go, what to do, a lot easier)
  • Improved damage model
  • Lowered player viewheight so players cant hit you when completely concealed
  • Various map improvements and optimizations
  • Spectator improvements
  • Fixed M203 issues
  • Fixed various exploits
  • Fixed various small bugs
Many of you have been asking for an ETA and that's not an unreasonable request if you're dealing with a commercial product. However, this mod is being made entirely by a crew of volunteers and being given away for free. As such, they're not required to be at their PC working x hours a week on it and other things take priority. They're all as enthusiastic about playing insurgency as you are, so you can be sure that they're eager to get the next update out and improve everyone's gaming experience.

The level of activity I see behind the scenes here is huge, the operation is organized in a professional manner and there are sensible systems in place to move development along. We know it's frustrating having to put up with some of the bugs. What I'll say is this: it takes time to fix things properly. We want the next update to be a success and that means we have to get it right. Your insmod gaming isn't going to be improved by a half-finished update.

Here are some things we plan on addressing in future patches after the one we're currently working on:
  • Continuation of bug fixing and gameplay tweaking/improving
  • Focus on rewarding players for capturing objectives and following orders
  • Focus on improving league support
  • Tutorial/Training map
  • New and improved weapons, maps, and other content
  • Global stats system
  • Improved interfaces
  • Improved voice communications
  • Improved commander system
  • Improved gore, explosions, and other effects
  • Introduction of experimental sound-immersion features
  • Continuation of the optimization process
  • New gametypes revolving around light infantry vehicles and explosives
  • New theater of play (still being brainstormed)
State of the Team
Jeremy has been restructuring the team and we're continuing to evolve it to suit the needs of the mod and the public's demands. Some people have contributed greatly in the past and then moved on, leaving some gaps to be filled. Currently we're looking to recruit some more developers. See the recruitment section below for more information. A cool thing we're now using as a part of this restructure is a project management system called Trac, which is going to help us keep track of old issues and new ones that may arise.

We'd also like to welcome our newest addition to the team, Schmung, a 3d artist who has already contributed a new M249 SAW model to the mod (thanks to Geno as well), and is now working on an M40A3 for the Marines. Here's a little teaser of the new M249 that will be in the next patch:

Looking for people familiar with the mod and with enough time on their hands to contribute a lot towards future patches! Please send all applications to mail 'at' insmod.net.

User Interface Artist
We need an artist with experience creating high quality user interfaces for games or mods. This person should possess the creative drive to help us come up with new interface ideas for the future as well. Knowledge of Illustrator is a nice thing, since our VGUI supports the use of vector graphics. Please send samples with your application.

Texture Artist
We're accepting weapon, character, vehicle, and environment texture artists. If you're interested in working with a very skilled art team and helping us develop 2d assets for the mod, don't hesitate to apply! Experience with the Source material system and/or shaders are both a huge plus. Please send samples with your application.

Voice Actor
We're accepting both American and Arabic-speaking voice actors at the moment. If you've played the mod and know for a fact that you can produce much better, please don't hesitate to contact us. For more information about this position, head over to this thread!

More info here.

We're still dealing with applications for some of the previously advertised positions and I'll post an update when we fill those.

Looking for new testers!
Please don't send your application to the above email, but instead use testing 'at' insmod.net.

We're looking for people to help us test the mod. There is a minimum age requirement of 17, and a presence requirement of "several hours per day." If you meet this criteria, are an avid Insurgency player, and want to help us make the game better, please don't hesitate to apply! If you have any specific knowledge or assets that can help us in the testing process, please mention them in your application! Our testing team are a very close knit group of people, so expect entrance into this group to be quite selective.

We're also looking for 2 clans to join the testing team! If you represent an INS clan that would be interested in helping with the testing process, please send us an email as well with everything you can tell us about your establishment.

Tester Application
Please format your testing application or it will be thrown out
Forum Name:
2 Paragraphs on why we should let you on insurgency Testing Team:
Your 3 Favorite FPS's:
Your Previous testing experience:
Do you have experience with IRC?
Do you have experience with Ventrilo?
Do you have experience with SVN?
Are you or have you ever been a Server Administrator?
Clan Application
Please format your clan application or it will be thrown out
Clan Name:
Clan Leaders forum name:
Clans Website:
Clans Previous Games:
2 Paragraphs on why we should select your clan:
How many members do you have in your clan?
Do you have a Insurgency Server?
Will you have 5 members who can dedicate at least 3-4 hours daily?

Monday Mod Clicky
Posted on: 08:00:12 PM on June 25, 2007
By: BlueWolf72

1985 - Half-Life 2

Infiltration Released - Half-Life 2

Mod Files To Make Mods
Posted on: 01:41:19 PM on April 20, 2007
By: BlueWolf72

# The promised Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars World Builder is now available, offering the chance to create custom content for the RTS sequel. The download is available from EA (direct link) and mirrored on FileShack
# The Elder Scrolls Construction Set version 1.2.404 is now available.

Check out the thread I started at modDB.com

Mods R Good
Posted on: 05:06:46 PM on March 28, 2007
By: BlueWolf72

DCON Release Date will be released this Friday. Here's what the team had to say:

Is it time yet? I keep hearing this echo across my msn screens and in my ears on TS. First off let me begin by saying this..
The Dreamscape: Pin Point Blank team are working on a trailer which is almost complete

New release of Empires pending

Team Fortress 2 - Big Interview

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