What is the worst game, ever?

You’ve seen countless top 10 lists detailing the best and worst games of all time. You usually see the same games, over, and over, and over again. Rounding out the top 10 are hits like Zelda:OoT, and Halo. Rounding out the bottom, it’s usually a tie between Atari 2600’s “E.T.” and the N64 hit, Superman 64.

There are always a bunch of games left off of these lists though, some that are much, much worse. In fact, some of these games would make Extreme Paint Brawl look like Half-Life 2.

For example, Aquaman. This is widely regarded as the worst game of the last generation, but never manages to make any of the lists, mostly because it never sold well enough for people to understand what a terrible, terrible game it was. (And they were right not to buy it as well. Man that game stinks.) Drake of the 99 Dragons is a close 2nd for worst game of last-gen, and in my personal opinion, number 1 worst looking game, ever. Cel Shading should be left to the professionals, thank you.

Looking beyond last-gen, how about the 90’s? Kiss Pinball is a game so bad that if you had actually bought it (fully aware that it was a game called Kiss-freaking-Pinball) you should immediately question your judgment in all things- fashion, movies, music, and especially games.

And if there has ever been a character who just could NOT get a break, it’s Spawn. In fact, there should probably be a list of the top 10 worst Spawn games, unfortunately that wouldn’t leave any for the Top 10 Best.

So what do you, the reader, have to say about the worst game that you have played?


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