The Official Crysis Product Section is now live

New e-waste recycling laws begin

New ESA Boss, a Gamer, Plans to Flex Industry’s Political Muscle
With his first E3 looming, the new ESA president gives a revealing interview to Seth Schiesel of the NY Times. Most notably, Gallagher professes to being a gamer, something his predecessor, Doug Lowenstein, was most certainly not.

Microsoft brings the arcade classic, Atari’s “Missile Command”, to the Xbox Live Arcade. Much like the classic you play a commander of three anti-missle batteries and defend six citites in your zone.  The game has been updated to have 3D graphics and updated music. Up to two players can play together locally or over Xbox Live. Of course there are 200 GamerScore points to be earned. “Missile Command” will be available on the Marketplace for 400 points and is rated E for everyone.

This press release announces that China will launch a PC online game based on Tecmo’s long runnin fighting game series Dead or Alive

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