Less Taste More Filling?

So after scouring the internets for several minutes to fight off the boredom that is my life I came across an interesting article with enough kick to set my mind back in place (at least for a second). And this is all about, you guessed it, EGGS.

Eggs being paramount to breakfast meals everywhere who would’ve guessed it was considered one of the smartest foods in the world to eat. Chalk full of protein with little to no calories or carbohydrates. In between my game development binges and woeful bickering I could even find the time to stuff a few of these liquefied unborn poultry gibblets into my mouth. And have the wallet to do it too! At a very low price I’ve been in possession of eggs for some time now, and never really gave it a second thought. But from a game development standpoint many developers, and even gamers face the black death known as laziness. And believe me, laziness isn’t only prevalent in the gaming world. That extends to what they eat, where they sleep, who they talk to, and what kind of exercise they get (and if I were to convert all of those possibilities to numeral value it’d all add up to zero). So why not consider eggs? Its healthy, its quick, you can shove meat and other things you wouldn’t dream of eating on their own into it and call it an “omelette”. And the thought of eating unborn babies just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


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