HL2 Mod Review part 2: Synergy 2.2

I don’t think I put enough two’s in the title, but I’ll follow-up my last hl2 mod review with another gem I downloaded over the past weekend. Synergy 2.2, a coop modification, kind of like Sven Coop.

Let me get started with “it took 2.1 versions to make it into what I would consider a playable product,” but 2.2 is such a redeeming patch that I renounce all previous naysaying. When playing 2.1 with a friend, there were several huge bugs we encountered- firstly, a huge performance hit. This computer is by no means a beast, but it is fully capable of running hl2 at max everything, and then some. So when I see an HL2 mod using mostly HL2 content running poorly it’s a huge turnoff. Secondly, this might not have been a bug, but zombies were unkillable without use of the gravity gun. This made it, for the most part, impossible to play. It was horrid, the game was off of the computer in a matter of hours.

Being the nice guy I am, I gave it a second chance, and it fixed both of my major gripes without giving birth to any new ones. Anyone who has wanted to play Half-Life 2 coop, I urge you to play it via Synergy, which offers the HL2 singleplayer campaign, as well as some custom maps of its own. One problem though, is that the custom maps are incredibly difficult, you will NOT be able to complete them on your own, so at the risk of sounding redundant, bring a friend to the coop game.

This last patch is the perfect turnaround, and anyone else who has tried but was turned off by a previous version should give it another shot.

Download it from ModDB

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