Dark Messiah, leaving me in the dark?

So today after purchasing Dark Messiah from the local Target store I shoved in the CD, and went through the elongated process of installing I came across the immediate tell tale sign of any source engine game.. A 4 minute initial loading time just to get to the main menu.

However once booting up the singleplayer I was happy to find the game mildly entertaining, with decent graphics and a good use of the havok physics. However some issues quickly arose mainly in the performance department, and currently can’t get past a part in singleplayer due some to some serious performance hit once fighting too many people. Online I had similar issues too with extreme loading times. However my friend who also purchased the game seems to be having a blast with it. Online Dark Messiah takes on the role of an RPG moreso than the singleplayer. As in picking classes and leveling up with experience. Even better the experience carries over to other maps as long as you don’t leave the server, so its quite an interesting and refreshing kind of gameplay that i was looking for in a game all along.

Anyhoo, outside of the performance issues and some relatively aggravating parts in singleplayer where it was quite difficult, i find the game pretty good, just need to wait for some more fixes.


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