Sorry, I’m in a Phoenix Wright mood, but I most certainly do OBJECT! IGN has an article dealing with a new game-to-movie (well, it was announced in November and I never got the memo) that just might have fans a little.. uneasy.

Paul W.S. Anderson should be a name just a little familiar to game-to-movie fans, after all he’s been a large part of several “hit” projects recently, such as Resident Evil the resident evil trilogy (the third, Extinction, not yet released) and Alien Vs. Predator.

He was also a big part of Dead or alive, and the upcoming Driver movie- His track record is obviously far from perfect, but at least he’s better than Uwe Boll.

Well, now you can add another movie to his IMDB, Castlevania. Set in the 15th century, this fifty million dollar project is apparantly set to start shooting this Spring.

Now, my objection: I love Castlevania. It deserves nothing more than a movie, two movies, heck, four movies- but I do not want some watered down trashy Underworld 2 with some whip slinging character trying, much like every other movie released in the past 20 years, to save the princess, his girlfriend, or whatever other female. The love story is NOT necessary to game movies! (Mario is an exception.)

We can pray that this will be good, but I really don’t see it adding up to anything more than Van Helsing part two. At least we can still wait for Anderson’s remake of Deathrace 2000.

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