Rust will keep you up at night.

You’ll think about how to get food, how to make a workable weapon, how to find shelter, and stay away from radiation. Most of all you’ll think about how to stay alive.

Rust is a first person multiplayer game that has taken the gaming world by storm. The game sets you off kilter from the start – suddenly the world you knew does not exist and what remains is a life that you can’t imagine how to survive in. But survive you must because if you don’t, your end won’t be pretty.

Danger is everywhere. If the animals don’t get you, the radiation can. If that doesn’t get you, other people or even a rust aimbot will. They may see you as competition, a barrier to their resources. They may see your stuff and decide they want it or need it more than you. Whatever their motivating, they will exact it on you if you don’t do something about it.

If you know only one thing going in it should be this: only the strong survive.

Rust forces you to use your wits to make it in the harsh environment created by Facepunch Studios. And people are loving every harrowing minute of it. So much so that the game has sold $30 million since its release in 2013. And it keeps going and going and going. Rust is intense and that’s what makes it addictive. You won’t be able to resist once you get started.


Yep, you saw right, i did say Left 4 Dead 3! Along with the other 2 titans for games that valve is probably trying to rumor around before confirming which are Half Life 3 and Portal 3, there is a very high chance that we will also have Left 4 Dead 3 to play very soon! Left 4 Dead is a series of post apocalyptic games that feature cooperative first-person shooter gameplay set in the days after a pandemic outbreak of a viral strain transforming the most of the population into zombies and feral creatures. The games follow the adventures of four survivors that try to reach outposts in order to rest and resupply while seeking military rescue. On every play-through the game is different due to the fact that the AI Director made it so no play-through can be the same with another one . When playing in single playing in single player mode, the player is allowed to pick one of the four survivors to control while the rest are well-programmed computer driven players designed to act very human-like tricking the player into thinking it could be a real player. While in multiplayer mode, up to 4 players can join the same lobby and every player picks one of the four survivors that can’t change and has to keep through the whole play-through. Left 4 Dead Is also a great game to use cheats on and also makes the game really fun to play, just like using battlefield 4 hacks, it just adds a whole lot to the game and makes it way more fun to play with friends! Left 4 Dead is a demanding and a little dramatic game that requires a lot of cooperative gameplay which means that all four players need to cooperate in order to reach the safe houses. The game also rewards players when they take larger or more difficult paths with items and weapons that will help them more.


Half life is a science fiction based series with the main character being Gordon Freeman, Freeman is a newly hired, theoretical physicist that is involved in a top secret research facility in new mexico in order to analyze an unknown origin crystalline artifact. When the anti mass spectrometer’s beam comes in contact with the crystal it creates resonance cascade that opens a dimensional rift between two dimensions, on the one side being earth and on the other side being Xen, when this happens the facility gets swarmed by monsters that used to live on Xen and that’s how the half-life story begins. Not long ago, actually just a few months ago there was a leak on reddit about valve‘s internal development teams showing assigned developers to projects called “Half-Life 3″ and “Half-Life 3 Core”. The pictures show us 46 staff members and developers assigned to the project called “Half-Life 3″ and 10 of them to the project “Half-Life 3 Core”. A big bunch of the developers assigned to these projects were also involved in Half-Life 2 development. Is it a complete coincidence that this leak happened just the day after Valve registered Half-Life 3 as a trademark? I don’t think so! We have also seen last august, some pictures from the Dota 2 team visiting valve’s offices showing the development of Source 2 Engine, which would mean Half Life 3 along with it! Half life 3 is a title that almost every real pc gamer that knows his way around good games is waiting to be released with his fingers crossed. Valve has created quite a fuss about Half-Life 3, the fact that they are working on it is pretty clear at this moment but the reason that they decide to never comment about it is what grinds everyone’s gears. You can be sure that if the myth of Half-Life 3 ever becomes a reality there will be cheats made for it, just like there were BF4 Hacks available the week it was release.


Along with the highly expected source 2 engine and half life 3 from valve, a new addition to the portal series is highly expected to be released. Portal 3, will use the source 2 engine just like half life 3 will do, valve has recently trademarked the “portal 3″ name without admitting it nor wanting to make any comments about it which makes us wonder once again, what is valve cooking in their offices? Portal is a science fiction game taking place in the Aperture Laboratories, you are Chell, a test subject that has to undergo tests created by an artificial intelligence computer GLaDOS that controls the facility. Chell possesses a hand held portal device that is able to create human sized worm holes on any flat surface allowing the player to do complex movements that were not possible otherwise. The player has to reach the end of each test in order to continue to the next one. That’s it for the portal series for now, we all hope that we’ll see Portal 3 announced soon!


Valve has tried to hide it from the public a few times now, but no more! There’s proof now that valve has already been working on Source 2 Engine for quite some time now (almost a year since we found out). How we found out? well, the Dota 2 development team had a tour on valve’s offices in April 2013 when one of the developers took a picture of one of the monitors showing a change / build or some kind of bug tracking / fixing log on the Source 2 Engine. Since then we have found out that valve has already trademarked the names “Half-Life 3″ and “Portal 3″, without actually admitting it but we know who’s behind it. Valve admitted trademarking “Half-Life 3″, though they only admitted that they did it in order to be “future proof” but that’s probably one of the usual lies in order to cover it up or is a marketing trick in order to create more fuzz about the game. But one thing’s for sure, source 2 engine is on the works!